Friday, August 29, 2008

20% off!

I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm a member of the Etsy for Animals Street Team and a participant in the Birthday Bash Extravaganza. As such, I will be accepting the 20% off coupon from September 15-30. My coupon code for this event is "SILVER". If you're interested in anything I have available, please go to my Etsy website and use the coupon code during the Birthday Bash Extravaganza! If you're interested in something at a different Etsy shop, please use my coupon code there too! I get credit (and prizes!) for everytime someone uses my coupon code. :)


Vegan Mama said...

It's time to celebrate!
There has never been a better time to shop the talent that is Etsy for Animals!!

Whooooo hoooooo!

Elephant Dance said...

Great post! Thanks :)


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