Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Delish pretties!

Oh, how I love it when the pretties arrive! Just received a big shipment of Swarovski crystals....

First thing you *have* to do when the pretties arrive is open the package so you can ohh and ahhh over what you'd forgotten you ordered :) After that, you have to check the invoice, of course! All was as it should be, and wow, so pretty! In this case, it's some intense Dark Sapphire and shiny, very "bling-y" clear Crystal Swarovski beads for a commission. My sister is the Maid-of-Honor in an upcoming wedding, and her bride-friend asked that I make four necklaces and matching earrings. The plan is to make illusion-style necklaces with the crystals and silver, with matching earrings. My sister, of course, as the MoH, is going to get something a little different from the rest of the girls...I'm thinking Rocker-chic for Liz, with lots of bling and some cool silver! Can't wait to see how these come out. I will, of course, post pictures once they're completed!

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