Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My IPod Shuffle Contest

So here are the lyrics for the next contest:

"I got my whole life to change the world and climb the ladders Lookin at you lookin at me is the only thing that matters Come a little closer baby, we can talk with out the words Hang a sign on the door, 'please do not disturb' Lets just lay here and be lazy baby"

The prize will be a pair of earrings, yet to be decided upon! You'll notice I've changed the title of the contest a little bit :) Liked this better! And here are the rules:
  • Partial song lyrics will be posted on this blog on Tuesday
  • Email me with the song title and artist (email is hjwestfall1013 @ comcast.net - remove spaces, of course.)
  • Correct entrants will be entered into drawing the following Tuesday to be chosen at random by my daughter Erin
  • Only one entry per person please!
  • Entrants must include full name, current email address and snail mail address (so I can send you your prize!) with your original email
  • Not following the above rules will mean you won't be entered in this weeks contest!
  • Rules subject to change at my discretion!
Good luck everyone!


J. Leigh Designz said...

I just emailed you! I hope I got it right....your work is beautiful!

Holly said...

Got your email, and yep, you got it right! Thanks for the compliment - it's so appreciated :)


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