Friday, September 12, 2008

Trying new techniques

I've been dying to try some new wire techniques, and so even though I have a show I should be preparing for, last night I decided to play with them a little bit.

The first thing I wanted to try was simply braiding wire. A repeat jewelry vendor at Trinity College (where I have my "real" job) noticed my pendant and earrings last time he was there and we started chatting. He showed me a pretty sterling silver braided bracelet he always wore, and told me how to do it. It seemed pretty simple, although I wasn't sure of his explanation of the clasp. Turns out, it *is* simple....well, other than not liking how my clasps kept coming out! So I'm now playing with different clasps to try to figure out what I like the best. So far, it's a simple twisted hook clasp. I'm sure that's going to change though! Here's the copper version - which was also my first piece.

The other technique I wanted to try was a herringbone weave. I've loved the weaves at Eni Oken's website, although some of them are a bit extravagent for my taste. Eni has a herringbone weave tutorial listed on her website, and I found one in a book I'd gotten, so I felt confident enough with the instructions, and decided to go for it. It was interesting figuring out how to deal with the thinner wire (26 gauge), and the lengths of it that were needed. But I'm pretty happy with the results...or will be, once it's reached the standards I set for myself! In other words, they're good enough for me to wear for now, but certainly not good enough YET to put up on my Etsy shop! Here's the first pair of earrings I made - copper and Whisper Peach Aventurine.

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