Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Craft Fair Report

Well, the Country Cupboard Craft Fair is over, and I've had some time to digest the experience. My overall feelings are relief, commitment and a tad bit of disappointment. Here's why:

  • Relief - my first show is over and done with!! Phew! The first of anything is always pretty overwhelming to me.
  • Commitment - I CAN do this! Despite dismal sales (didn't make my table fee back), and low attendance, I enjoyed the show and feel like now I can try to undertake more, perhaps "boutique"-type shows.
  • Disappointment - see the comment about dismal sales :)
Some general observances are that this show seemed to attract an older crowd, with my jewelry not being what this crowd was looking for. I hestitate to say my handcrafted items were higher end, but they were definately at the top of the price scale for the fair (and I had plenty of stuff that was priced between $8 & $15!). Perhaps to say it was more "boutique-y" would be appropriate. I did have plenty of Looky-Lous who really seemed to appreciate my jewelry!

My booth was one of two "handmade" jewerly booths (handmade in quotes b/c I'm not sure if the other vendor was handcrafted jewelry or resales) - the others ranged from stained glass to woodburned pieces to stone-type critters and plenty of knitting/crocheting items. It seems as if the consensus among vendors was that sales were down, and even the foot traffic was way down. I believe the high sellers of the fair were the baked goods (apple pie....fudge....oh boy!), and the Church-benefit-booth which was selling old jewelry donated by parishoners. So overall, while this was a good experience for me, it wasn't a profitable one. Will I do this particular show again? If I do, it will be only because of sentimental reasons (first fair, and all that). So we'll have to see!

Unfortunately I didn't get any really good pictures of my table - I forgot to take the camera off of it's macro setting, which I'd used to take some jewelry pictures the day before! But here is one, so that you can get a feel for what it looked like. I themed it towards "Autumn", and used lots of browns and reds and organic feeling displays. And Eric made two beautiful display racks for me! Those worked out very well.

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