Monday, October 13, 2008


Whoops, so I just realized that I never blogged about last week's winner! Ack. Blame it on real life, and trying to get ready for my first craft fair. Anyway, Pam, yes, you are the winner! The song was "All Summer Long", by Kid Rock. Pam, I'll pop your pretty silver hoops in the mail today....wait....tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow!

Oh, and a former winner blogged about her winning earrings too! Check it out here. Thanks Jen :)

And now for this week's song... I chose this, not just b/c it is on my IPod, but also as a dedication to one of the most special people in my life. This is my Dad's song, in spades! ;) (And it might be a bit obscure...) As a hint, we're in the 1970's for this one!

_________, who do you think you are
___________, you're never gonna get my love

Now because you wear all those fancy clothes (oh yeah)
And have a big fine car, oh yes you do now
Do you think I can afford to give you my love (oh yeah)
You think you're higher than every star above

And for the fine print:
  • Partial song lyrics will be posted on this blog on Tuesday (well, in this case, the following MONDAY! Sorry ;))
  • Email me with the song title and artist (email is hjwestfall1013 @ - remove spaces, of course.)
  • Correct entrants will be entered into drawing the following Tuesday to be chosen at random by my daughter Erin
  • Only one entry per person please!
  • Entrants must include full name, current email address and snail mail address (so I can send you your prize!) with your original email
  • Not following the above rules will mean you won't be entered in this weeks contest!
  • Rules subject to change at my discretion!

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