Monday, October 20, 2008

On one of my many email/yahoo/google lists, a question was put out for discussion:

Are we, as jewelry makers, crafters or are we artists?

I find this a very interesting discussion, in part because I've wondered about that myself. I hesitate to call myself an artist, mostly because I consider myself an "apprentice" at this point. My own skills aren't up to the exacting standards that I personally hold, and by exploring different designers and their work, learning about the different techniques, studying various materials and practicing, practicing, and continuing to practice, I am honing those skills. Just as an apprentice would do! At some point, I'd like to say that I am a Jewelry Artist, but don't expect to be able to say that for a long time yet.

However, that being said, the question remains unanswered, in the general sense. Here's my take:

Jewelry designers are all crafters, but not all jewelry designers are artists. (I'll elucidate later - running out of blogging time today, but want to get this posted regardless!)

Here's a quote that I really am drawn to. It's attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas:

The person who works with their hands only,
is a laborer.

The person who works with their hands and their head,
is a craftsman.

The person who works with their hands, their head and their heart,
is an artist.

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