Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekly IPod Shuffle contest - WINNER!

Phew, I can finally take off all that '80's gear...thank goodness! I was kinda tired of poufing my hair everyday this week :) The correct answer was "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi. Anyway, congrats to Jeanna for winning the contest!! Jean is my best friend and has been from high school days, and I knew she'd get this one right off the bat :) Jean, we can talk "earrings" on Monday. And I'm coming forward in time for this one. It's a current hit, and by an artist who I would NEVER have thought would be the cross-over hit he has become!

"Now nothing seems as strange as
when the leaves began to change

Or how we thought those days would never end
Sometimes I'll hear that song and I'll start to sing along
And think man I'd love to see that girl again"

And, as a reminder, here are the contest rules:
  • Partial song lyrics will be posted on this blog on Tuesday
  • Email me with the song title and artist (email is hjwestfall1013 @ - remove spaces, of course.)
  • Correct entrants will be entered into drawing the following Tuesday to be chosen at random by my daughter Erin
  • Only one entry per person please!
  • Entrants must include full name, current email address and snail mail address (so I can send you your prize!) with your original email
  • Not following the above rules will mean you won't be entered in this weeks contest!
  • Rules subject to change at my discretion!

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Walk in the Woods said...


But I'll be back to see to learn what song it is!



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