Monday, November 3, 2008

Absent.... I know I've been pretty absent lately. Let's just say real life has taken over! ;)

Here's what's kept me so busy:

HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday. Not sure why, perhaps it's got to do with childhood memories of going trick or treating with my dad and sister (when Liz & Jon where doing the trick or treating thing, I was a teenager, into doing my own thing, so didn't go out with them) and having a wonderful time. So now my mission is to make sure my kids have wonderful Halloween memories themselves :) To that end, when Erin decided she'd rather be a "Beayoooootiful Butterfly" (imagine arms flapping) than a Frog, I took it upon myself to make her wings and antenae. While it wasn't that much work, it still kept me away from other things ;)

I've been trying to organize my workspace - unsuccessfully! LOL My workspace is the office desk, and it's a small area, right in front of the computer. Now, our office (thanks to my habit of accumulating "stuff") is a catch-all room, and it's quite the disaster area in the first place. It seems like I get everything just as I like it, start working with things, and then decide I don't like it any more, and the area is trashed again. I know I'll find a way that's "Just Right" yet!

See above mention of Office....trying unsuccessfully to clean that room as well...

And, well, I've just been busy with the kids in general! And working full-time...and having a husband (who luckily is very self-sufficient! Heaven forbid *I* have a high maintenance husband! That totally wouldn't work ;))

So those are my reasons for not posting much lately. In spite of that, I made a commitment to myself that I'd make sure I'd post to the blog today, and would try to list some stuff on Etsy. I was actually successful! Here are the three new things that I posted (click on the picture to be taken to the listing):

Gypsy - Moonstone, Amethyst & Flourite necklace

RiverRocks - Tigers Eye, Amethyst and Moonstone bracelet

Peace - Peace Stone Jasper and Moss Agate with Copper bracelet

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