Monday, November 24, 2008

Second Guesses

I've decided that Second Guessing yourself on a piece really isn't a good idea! I had designed a very pretty, simple copper ring with two coils at either end. Lightly hammered and made out of 14 gauge wire, it was very pretty and organic looking. Do notice the "was", please!

I put the ring on this morning, and was looking at it at my desk as I was doing email. Decided that while it was pretty, the coils weren't quite "right"....pulled the ring off, grabbed my handy-dandy mini-needle nosed pliers and ta-da! Nope, still not quite right, actually liked the look of the coil before I went at it....of course. Went to put it back to normal, didn't work, no matter how I twisted and turned that durned wire. So, then I think, okay, can't get it to where it was before, lets just take it off! Grab the handy-dandy wire cutters and whacked it off..... ::sigh:: While that wasn't exactly a "mistake", still not crazy about the look of the ring. It's nice, just not quite as nice ;)

So that is a lesson learned - DON'T tamper with a piece when you've already said "It's done!"

Have any of you ever done something like that?

(And yes, my kids are Blue's Clues Steve & Joe with their "Handy-Dandy Notebooks"! LOL)

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Perfectly Twisted said...

here you are! I had a hard time finding you until I figured out how I can view you from my follows. lol. I'd love to add your page to my Fave Artists - your work is wonderful! Many smiles - have a great day!


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