Monday, January 12, 2009

After the Holidays

Hello again, everyone! The holiday rush is over and everyone is slowly getting back to being business as usual. That being said, I'm getting back to where I am posting on Twitter, the blogs, and trying to be a more obvious presence than I have been for the past few week :) To that effect, here is my latest Etsy listing:
This is actually a custom piece, made to order upon purchase. Great for Valentine's Day!

"Hearts" is based on a design I did for a friend of my daugther's. Kaitlyn is the daughter of a co-worker of my husband's, and she and Erin have become good friends playing together. Kaitlyn, or rather, her mother, has been very generous too, and has given us clothes for Erin. And so to show our appreciation, I made this necklace for Kaitlyn. It's pink freshwater pearls with Bali silver spacers and a hand-formed and hammered sterling silver heart pendant. The clasp is also sterling silver and hand formed and hammered.

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