Thursday, February 26, 2009


First off, let me just let you know that I'm a Yahoo-groups junkie - I receive at least 10 different e-lists on a daily basis. This isn't including those that I'm signed up for and read on-line! Most are either Jewelry or Horse related. Oh, and ummm, does anyone have any other lists I might like?? ;)

Anyway, someone on one of my lists just recently blogged about a way-cool wire artist, and I've spent the past little while checking out this artist's blog. Check out the eye candy this gentleman produces! It's truly beautiful.

The archer pendant is from his Zodiac Pendant line -
I particularly like it 'cuz I am a Sagittarius!

And this choker is just gorgeous!

His name is Huan Pham, and here's his blog - My Journey, A Wirework Odyssey . Do check it out - you will be inspired by his style!

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