Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inspirations, part 1

Lately I've been a bit....perhaps "uninspired" is a good word, yes, that works....uninspired. About what, you may ask. Well, everything! Not the kids, of course, Erin & Nate are joyous and a constant source of wonder and amazement. How could they not be, with Erin really experiencing the excitement of life for the first time and *understanding* it; with Nate just figuring out things and all life can hold for him. But I haven't been able to dredge up a bit of enthusiasm for much of anything else lately. Not sure why, or what, just know that's a problem! Also, my creativeness seems to have taken flight, and I find myself just repeating designs and sticking with stuff that's safe and easy.

To remedy that, to find the inspiration that can be so elusive, and yet so effusive at the same time, and to shake things up, I've been trying to find different things that speak to me. I want to try new things, experience new light-bulb moments. I want to explore new techniques and use new materials, and see if there are some other directions my muse is interested in discovering. I want to find the gyspy in my soul! Dance in the moonlight, sing to my heart....

Heh, okay, yeah, got a little wild there ;)

Anyway, in my quest, I've done a lot of exploring things online, and have found a bunch of different blogs and websites that are inspiring a new muse. Lately, I've really been drawn to wire-wrapping, in all of it's intricate forms. One of my favorite places to play is the blog of the Wire Artisans Guild - . The jewelry on this blog is incredible! It's so intricate and elaborate that I find myself getting lost in the swirls and wraps.

This particular piece was done as a challenge piece for the WAG by SuzyQJewelry, a designer in Sweden. Isn't it incredible? Please visit her shop and blog for more beautiful stuff!

These earrings come from another Swedish designer - Sma Bla Jewelry Design . The swirls and twists are mind blowing and completely inspiring. I especially love that she's creating a simpler, very organic line - which these earrings are part of. Oh, and here's her blog!

And these, oohhhh, these! This is the work of Katherine from Meristem Creations and I'm simply in love. This necklace marries two of my new passions - wire work and "other", in this case fiber. Coming from her Seriousness and Silliness line, which was inspired by military dogtags, I find this piece so compelling and beautiful. Enjoy her shop, please!!

(This is the first installment of my Inspirations posts - look for more in the near future! I'll be including different sorts of jewelry design, including found object art jewelry, and "simple" (ha) metal work...)

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MaddyAnne said...

Wow! This necklace is unreal!!! Simply stunning!


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