Monday, February 23, 2009

Spay Day 2009 - Treasuries!

As part of the promotions for Spay Day, a number of Treasuries have been acquired! I've made it into two!! Wow, I'm excited :) The first one I wasn't able to get a screenshot of, but the second I did.
(If you click on the picture, it'll take you to the Treasury)

My "Trinity" bracelet was included here - it's a simple copper braided bracelet with dark blue Swarovski (TM) round crystals. Thanks LittleStudioJewels for including me in this treasury!
(Check out her shop for some great jewelry & wonderful photographs!)

The other Spay Day/EFA Treasury that I was a part of showcased one of my favorite pendants - Turquoise. It's a simple teardrop shaped copper pendant with a single Turquoise pillow suspended in the middle. Thanks to Pey of Folkartvision for including me in this great treasury! (And check out her shop - I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE IT! It's totally my style :) )

There's also a third Treasury to promote Spay Day! While I'm not in it, please check it out anyway - there's some beautiful stuff in it :) I think my fave on this one is the Bo Bag Tag - it's got Cute-itude! (Attitude and Cuteness wrapped in one!) Here's the link - Not Just Pretty Faces, 3

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Laura said...

I love the bag tag!


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