Friday, March 6, 2009

Inspirations, Part 2 - Found Object & Mixed Media Jewelry

In a previous post, I wandered and waxed philosophical on you, and eventually meandered into some of my inspirations. In this post, I'm going to head back to the Inspirations area! Only I promise I won't get so "gyspy-esque" this time around ;) Hummm, well, maybe I will, since the artists and pieces I'm featuring seem "gypsy" in tone. Atleast they do to me! ;)

Some of my inspiration lately has been drawn from books, which shouldn't come as a surprise to those who know the real Holly. A happy accident was picking up a book entitled "A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Project to Create and Share". Written by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae, the concept of this book is to collaborate on creating personal pieces of wearable art that have meaning to everyone connected with making the pieces. It's a wonderful, well-written book with beautiful pictures and great instructions that are easy to follow! I've started using some of the techniques outlined in this book, and once I've got some pieces that don't yell "Imposter!" ;) Here are the blogs of some of the contributors:
  • Ruth Rae - who is an accomplished fabric artist. Her blog is truly a feast for the soul!
  • Kelly Snelling - I'd like to be Kelly....her fine art is inspiring, and her jewelry is sublime
  • Deryn Mentock - This lady's work is awe-dropping (sorta like "jaw-dropping"...) and the stories that go with her pieces are beautiful.
These beautiful earrings are from Kelly Snelling's Etsy shop.
(oh, wait, maybe I shouldn't be showing you my favorite pair!)
Isn't this a cool dragonfly? It's a Deryn-design and so unique!
This is from her Wingkeeper series, which she'll be teaching at the Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, OR, in the fall. I'd *love* to attend one of her classes :) You can also see what she offeres in her Etsy shop - another favorite shop of mine, with lots of loverly, covetous things!

Well, I'd wanted to post more on a few other books I'm in love with....but time (and waxing eloquent) prevents that for now! I'll be returning in the future with more on my inspirations :)


Kelly said...

you are so kind to post about our book. i'm delighted that you are finding inspiration in it. and your compliments are so sweet. thank you, thank you!

Jan-Ra said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I have been thinking for months about writing something like this, and I think I will actually do it now. We all get inspiration from so many places and it is fascinating to see how it gets expressed in different ways.


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