Thursday, March 5, 2009

Real life gets in the way

Wow, okay, so it's been a while since I've posted! The reason, well, I've been busy in my "real" life....

We now have a one-year old on our hands :) Baby Nate is now officially a toddler, even though he's not quite walking yet! Almost though. He had his 12 month old doctor's visit on Tuesday and had some shots, which put him a bit "off". We're keeping a sharp eye on him, but then I always do that after vaccines. His stats, not that I compare them with anyone, are - height is 31 1/2 inches, and weight is 18.5 pounds. Yep, he's a long, tall drink of water! And ohhh, so funny too :) He's a really good boy.

And the snow has put me off schedule - can you believe we got just about a foot of snow on March 2nd? Holy cow, talk about "In like a Lion"! The problem now is that March is sooooo long, and all I want to do about this time of year is play outside. Even my 3-year old said "Mommy, I want spring" on Tuesday! She can't wait to go outside and play in her sandbox.

Anyway, all that being said, I really haven't been that busy with my jewelry nor my Etsy shop. So, what I will do is leave you with a few commissioned pieces I've done recently!

My girlfriend held a Trunk Show for me in the fall, and commissioned a few pieces from me.Her first request was for an anklet with the birthstones of her children, herself and her husband. The birthstones are Turquoise (Tom, hubby, is December), Emerald (for Jean herself), Ruby (for daughter Victoria), and Lapis Lazuli (her son Thomas). Yes, those are actual rubies and emeralds in there! All of the stones are hand-wrapped in sterling silver. I then took it a bit further, and made the chain of tiny freshwater pearls, with a sterling silver "safety" chain and sterling lobster claw clasp. It's a very pretty and dainty piece, and the pictures really don't do it justice! Jean's next request was for matching silver bracelets for her daughter Victoria and herself. She wanted a braided bracelet, with red and green in it for their birthstones. What I chose to do was just a simple three-stranded braid with Swarovski bicone crystals in the center of the braid. I accented the bracelets with a pretty red Swarovski heart charm dangling from the hand formed clasp. Simple, yet oh so pretty!

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