Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few new earrings

I've recently finished up a few pair of earrings, and since I haven't had the time recently to spend on my blog, I've decided to give you a little bit of eye candy! I hope you like!

These pretty earrings are Blue Quartz briolettes that I handwrapped
with gold-filled wire and hung on hand-forged earwires. These will be
listed in my ETSY shop by Tuesday. They'll be priced at $20.00.

This pretty pair was a custom order from a previous customer. She'd wanted a pair of pink briolettes wrapped in gold, so what I found for her was a nice chunky pair of Rose Quartz brios, and then handwrapped them in gold-filled wire and made a simple gold-filled earwire for them. I hope you like them Pam! Yes, they are very similar to the above earrings, and my "Smokin'" pair posted about here.

If you're wondering why I've been so absent on my blog lately, well, I work in an Admissions Office at a local college in my "Real Life", and it's been very busy since Decision letters went out last week! So I haven't really wanted to look at a computer lately ;) Also, I have a home Trunk show coming up, and as a result I've been designing some new lines to debut at the show in addition to doing some much needed book keeping.

Oh, and I've also been exploring my creative side some more (see this post for details) and am taking a workshop with a great mixed media artist that I really admire. I'm taking a "Les Petit Dolls" workshop with Suzi Blu. And I'm LOVING it, and am sketching faces like mad. :) Here's a small sample.
Oh, and I've also started putting up my jewelry on Flickr. Alot of the pieces you'll see here will be on Flickr, but rather than scattered throughout the blog, you'll see them in one or two sets, which is nice, organizationally! (Heh, me organized, whodda thunk? ;) ) So here's my Flickr photostream. Enjoy!

And wow, this got wordier than I expected! :)

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