Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How lovely it is...

Recently, I had a potential customer inquire about my popular Copper Bangles (pictured above). She was very interested, and more so when she read that they can be antiqued, or oxidized. Her own style, apparently, is very earthy and she wanted to see what the bangles looked like when oxidized. Makes sense, since the picture in my ETSY shop shows the bangles without oxidization. So I took a few pictures of my own bangles, which are oxidized, and sent the pictures along. I'm hoping that she liked them! And I've decided to show you exactly the difference between oxidized/antiqued copper and natural, shiny, copper. Personally, I've been oxidizing all of my own stuff since I started playing with Liver of Sulfur since I too love the earthy, old, look it gives the pieces! But I do know some prefer the shiny side of things :o) So, here, without further ado, are the differences between oxidized and not!

"Raw", natural copper vs oxidized (and highly texturized!) copper

The oxidization shows really nicely on these bangles because they're so highly texturized! (I love my hammer...)

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