Friday, May 1, 2009

New directions

Well, new directions, yes, but so much as the jewelry is concerned ;o) I'm still experimenting with wire and metal, and have actually tried my new saw on some sheet metal...and promptly snapped about 4 blades! So I know I'm not doing something right and have to work on that. And I have to remember to order some copper etching solution since I want to try etching some metal! Post it note engaged and running to

...which leads me to the title of my post! Only because while I'm ordering my etching solution I can also order some other art supplies, which is becoming another new addiction. In a few previous posts (here and here), I'd mentioned that recently I've picked up a sketchbook again, and have been taking an online class with Suzi Blu. I'm really enjoying exploring this creative side again, and here are a few pictures of the piece that I've been working on under Suzi's tutoring. This is a mixed media piece, done on a wood board. The background has been collaged with various papers and text, and painted with acrylics and inks. The doll/girl was colored with Prismacolor colored pencils and then her dress is more papers. It's not finished yet, and I'm not crazy about the background, but it is a start. I have to say that I'm loving this class with Suzi, and can't wait to work more on this piece...and take other classes with her! (Oh, and my daughter Erin loves "Suzi with the Pink Hair" too.)

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Lucy said...

I love how it's coming out...I need to take a class with Suzi, I love her style and personality is just too cute!


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