Friday, July 31, 2009

Those lazy days of summer....and a NEER thing!

Yeah, so I know that I've been a bit slow in posting lately. Sorry 'bout that! I've just been enjoying the summer and trying to do as much "outside" stuff as I can - trying to keep the kids outside, busy and happy. Nate loves nothing so much as playing outside. He'll stand at the back door, pointing to it, saying "Dis, dis, dis". You can gather that he wants to go outside ;o) And his favorite activity? The kid enjoys being pushed in the swing for hours! He also likes climbing up to the slide platform and just driving me crazy with fear that he's going to fall...gahh. ;) And Erin just plain ole loves playing outside. She's fascinated with the vegetable garden, and also loves playing with her mud-pie bench and sandbox. We've also spent some time visiting my sister and her brood at the beach, and try to spend the weekends up at the lake. It's a great summer....when it's not raining, that is! But you can see why my blogging time has been limited. Just like my bauble-making time! Ah well ;)

Here are me and the kids hanging out in my sister's pool at the beach.
(I hate pictures of me, but figured it was probably about time to show you what *I* look like, rather than my jewelry! Oh, and pics of me are pretty rare since I'm usually the one with the camera!)

That being said, for those of you who know me, you know that animals are another passion of mine. That passion most likely started with horseback riding lessons at 6 years old, and horses have remained way up there on my priority list. While I'm horseless (for now!), I am starting to get involved with supporting a local horse rescue group (New England Equine Rescue). A call recently was put out announcing an auction fundraiser. They're also looking for donations for the event, so I will be donating something! Most likely it'll be atleast a set of earrings and a necklace, perhaps something else too. We'll see....and if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Once the auction is up and running, you can bet I'll be blogging about it :) Here's the link to the website that'll be doing the auction - Special Horses

And I'll leave you with a picture :) This gorgeous piece is no longer available, but ask for something similar! It's made out of blue Lapis nuggets and beautifully striated and marked Picture Jasper. Accented with sterling silver Bali beads, spacers and a Bali sterling silver clasp, it's a big statement piece!

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