Friday, August 7, 2009

Feeling inspired

I'm feeling a wee bit inspired. I've always enjoyed bloghopping, and one of my favorite blogs is that of Stephanie Lee, author of Semiprecious Salvage. I think I've mentioned her before, because her art jewelry is gorgeous. Her style is wonderfully artistic and I just love it! Isn't this stuff just beautiful? Her jewelry, Stephanie's blog, and finally her Etsy shop....

....and now I can't wait to get back to my beads, wire, metal and baubles! But first, I must buy some copper etching solution, more wire, more beads, and more metal! Oh, yeah, and get up the courage to work with a torch and try my hand with some resin.... LOL

As an interesting side note, I've been noticing that bracelets seem to be the way to go for the younger crowd (oh, heck, now I'm admitting that I'm not of the "younger crowd" now!! LOL). As my day job, I work in the admissions office of a local college and so see what is trendy quite often. I'm noticing that multiple stacked bracelets are in. Of course, I can't really find a good picture of what I'm talking about! Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? A few of my students are sporting great chunky bracelets with stones and wood beads that look to be strung on stretch cording. I'm not talking about the Pandora bracelets, which seems to be very popular among my peers, which is mid to late 30's....there, I've said it! Yep, mid to late 30's. Thing is, that I myself don't particularly like the Pandora bracelets! Ah well, that seems to be the way my life goes :) I've just got to accept that I'm not trendy! LOL

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