Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New England Equine Rescue/Special Horses auction is up & running!

A big part of my "before kids" life was dedicated to horses...and I look at this time with children and as just a temporarily horse-less period :o) I'd still like to be somewhat involved though, so spend alot of my free time, when not working on jewelry, participating in many email lists and doing what I can "horse" when I can. One of those activities is trying to support a local equine rescue association with donations and whatnot. Currently, that organization is participating in a big auction held by Special Horses and I've donated three pieces to that auction. Please help by placing a bid!

Here's the link to the auction itself: Auction

And a link to the NEER section: NEER

And finally, links to the individual pieces I've donated!
These are the earrings to the Patriotic set

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