Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween costumes - bought or homemade?

My dearest husband (really, he is!) recently lamented over the fact that I won't purchase costumes for Halloween. Now, to give him his due, I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, and always leave making my costumes to the last minute....which is what he doesn't like.

As an example, Erin had Trick or Treat at her nursery school this past Thursday (yesterday). She'd finally settled on being Marie, the girl kitten from the Disney flick "The Aristocats". Of course, this meant that I had to find ears and the rest of the accoutrements to make her a kitten costume. Do you think I went to the store and bought them? No, I decided to make her ears out of polymer clay. That was fine, I was on top of that. Started them on Tuesday, and on Wednesday all I had to do was add a final coat of glitter and hot glue them to the headband. Since I was ahead of the game, and Erin wanted a white skirt for her costume, at that point I decided to make her a white tutu that I could attach the tail to. I got to work on that at 9:30 on Wednesday night. Yes, you read that right - 9:30 Wednesday night. And finished it and went to bed by 1:00 am, Thursday morning. But it looks great, and she's *very* happy with the whole costume! So it's worth it, in my book....but not my husband's book.

And I now have to finish 3 more pairs of ears...and it's Friday, with tomorrow being Halloween. Yes, 3 more pairs of ears. Erin wants Nate to be the black kitten, and me as the mommy, and daddy as the daddy kitten. Heh. Maybe Husband has a point! LOL

But not really, when you compare these two costumes:

The first costume is store bought. The second costume is handmade. It's a no brainer!
(Click on the picture to get to the shop for Oblivion Clothing.)

And how about these? Aren't these incredible? If you're going to buy, buy handmade!! Or make your own! I don't sew, by the way...

HipHop50sShop on Etsy

DahlHartlane's shop

Yep, this is adult size! So fun!
TheGirlyPlace's shop

And for the man in your life...
CaribbeanRosePirate on Etsy

WHY would you go store bought when the price on all of these is comparable??
Anyway, now I'm off to make ears! Wish me luck :)

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