Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Color, music, texture, emotion, belief, words, materials, tools, books, classes, people, family, objects, animals, nature...Inspirations, all of them. It's such a personal thing, inspiration. It can be what causes an artist to try a new technique, a musician to learn a different instrument. It can be the catalyst for a beginning or ending. It can create havoc, or cause a calming ocean to overflow oneself. Inspiration is all around us, begging for our attention. Sometimes it calls subtly, other times it bludgeons you with obviousness. Everything is an inspiration, in some way.

What is my inspiration, you might ask. Well, I have many different sources of inspiration. I've covered parts of it in an older post or two, here and here and here.

One of my biggest inspirations lately has been the materials itself. I find that copper sheeting and wire begs for an earthy and organic look. It's very natural and real. The look of copper is very ethnic and tribal at times too. Sometimes I go into a project with a final idea in mind, but other times I let the copper tell me where it needs to go. I just love working with copper. It's so versatile and way too fun.

(And yes, these earrings were inspired by a pair from
Kelly Snelling that I featured in another blog post!)

So, now I'm going to turn the tables. Please tell me what inspires you! I'd love to hear...and maybe borrow some of your inspirations!

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