Friday, October 30, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon

Copper and teal seed bead bracelet with hand-forged clasp

I know that it's been a while since I've posted anything about my own jewelry to the blog, and well, I don't really have an excuse! ;) I will admit that the muse had fled for a while, but I believe that she's back and I've started working on my jewelry again. I also haven't taken any recent pictures of what I'm working on, or rather, no pictures that are blog-worthy in my estimation. Since that's important, I want to make sure that I showcase my work to it's best advantage. The other excuse is that I've just been busy working on other projects, and with life in general, so I haven't had the opportunity to sit down at my desk and just create. All of that being said, I did decide that I missed working on my jewelry, and since I have one or two fall shows coming up, it's a good thing that the muse is back!

Copper wire wrapped with more copper wire and light teal seed beads. Hung on hand-forged copper earwires that have been hammered for texture and strength.

Yes, as I mentioned above, I do have one or two shows coming up in the near future, and I've been busy planning the usual - what am I taking with me, what displays I'm going to use, how my table will be set up, things like that. I'll also be debuting a new line of jewelry! Since I've started selling on Etsy, I've frequently come across Scrabble tile and glass tile pendants. I love these pendants, but kept thinking they were too trendy and wasn't sure if I wanted to start playing with those in addition to my favored wire, gemmies and metal. I finally took the plunge, though, and bought some glass tiles, aanraku bails, and the rest of the stuff needed, and decided to play a bit. If they sell, great, but if not, well, I've learned how to create something new, and isn't that what this is all about? I also think that these pendants might sell well in person, so well see how it really goes. I'm even thinking about doing custom glass tile pendants using personal photographs that the customer provides! I'm excited about that too. My version of a customized tile pendant features my kids....and I think that will be a draw to the mothers who will be at the show put on by my daughter's nursery school!

The pendants below are still in their unfinished state - the papers need to be cut down to size, and the bails added. I will be providing either a simple ball chain or satin cord with these pendants.
This last one is for my friend Robin....I thought of you when I saw this piece of vintage paper, Robin!

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