Friday, November 20, 2009

A Little Art Therapy

I've been pretty silent this week, when I know that I promised an accounting of last week's craft fair. I do apologize. My personal life has gotten pretty complicated all of a sudden, and things are just....different. And will remain so from here on out. Foundations have been shaken and need some shoring up. Shore up, we will, and life goes on, but we will persevere!

To that end, that being life, surviving, shoring up, and maintaining some flow of normalcy, I decided that it was time to spend some time on me! Nothing soothes the naked soul so much as a little bit of art therapy...well, perhaps if you can combine art therapy with shopping therapy you can have the best of both worlds! I decided on my lunch break today to take myself on an Artist Date. I stopped by a local art supply store and spent an hour just perusing the store and getting all touchy-feely with brushes, papers and books. I knew that there were some things I wanted, but couldn't remember specifics, such as colors wanted, metal sizes, and such like. I still had fun, and while I got some supplies, I know I didn't complete my list! Which is actually okay, because I now have an excuse for another Artist Date next week :) And I felt so much better - clearer and more focused - when I left....even if I did feel guilty for spending the money, and more guilty for spending the time on me! Ah well, so be it :)

And tonight I've started on an art journal....we'll see how that goes! Hopefully it'll help calm that savage soul that pops up uninvited sometimes :)

Candy Jade and copper earrings
(Just listed in my Etsy shop!)

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