Monday, November 30, 2009

Pictures of my table... the Cooperative Nursery School's "Shopping on the Ave" are here! All in all, this show was one of my best shows, for both selling and promotion. It was great meeting and chatting with all of the ladies who attended, and it was also fun meeting many of the parents of the kids in Erin's class. Everyone who stopped by my table commented on the wirework and uniqueness of what I had available. Wire jewelry isn't seen that much at the local shows, but is a bit more common at the bigger shows in our area. That being said, my wire designs were certainly a hit, and most of what sold for me! All in all, it was quite a successful show, and I hope the school holds this event again next year :)

You'll notice that I don't have the typical black or cream displays. My own designs and work tend to be earthy and organic in feel, so I like to carry that theme over into my displays. As a result, most of my displays are handmade. The necklace easels are handmade, as have the earring displays (both the wooden rack and the earring frame), and the bracelet bar. I think I got just as many complements on the table designs and displays as I did on the jewelry itself! So that also was worth the added time it took to make those displays.

My earring cards and hang tags were also handmade. Again, none of the commercially available earring cards and tags seemed to call my name, so I decided to be a little bit thrifty and design my own. While some minor tweaking is needed, they work for now.

Since the timing of this event was still decidedly "fall" and "harvest", you'll notice that I have pumpkins and other various fall themed items about. I like incorporating seasonal material into my displays. It gives it a personalized feeling, and since jewelry is very personal, I think it works out nicely! Oh, and of course, one must have a welcoming bit of chocolate to draw people into a discussion with you!

And I do have to say that these really aren't the best pictures! I couldn't take a picture at this show to save my life, sorry to say. And they certainly don't show my jewelry to their best advantage either... ::sigh:: I will do better next time, I promise!

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