Thursday, November 12, 2009

Try Artfire for your handmade wants!

For a while now I've had an Artfire shop. Didn't know that, didja? That's because most of my "Shop" time and energy has been devoted to my Etsy shop. But I'd like to have more of a presence on Artfire, and have decided to promote my shop a bit more. So, please check out my Artfire shop! You'll notice some of the things in both my Etsy shop and the Artfire shop are the same...I'll be trying to list some things on Artfire that are different eventually, so do check it out!

I'm also trying to earn a Free Ride at Artfire, where essentially, you are upgraded from a free account, where you can list only a small amount of items, to a Verified account allowing you to list as many items as you'd like for free. So, if you want to try selling on Artfire, click on my referral code!

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