Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few things up my sleeves...

I'm thinking of having a sale at my Etsy shop....still working on the details, but look for an upcoming announcement around April Fools Day.  Thinking about a percentage off of everything but custom orders...  Extra goodies to those who are my Facebook Fans too!  :) (So if you're not a FB Fan, please do become one!)

The reasoning behind my sale?  Well, I've got a lot of new ideas running through the chaos that is my brain, and would like to try to organize myself a bit in order to manage that chaos! 

In order to start managing that chaos, one of the tasks that I set myself to was reorganizing my bead stash. And now I can check that off my list!  Well, mostly ;)  My old stash wasn't really organized at all, with different beads and different colors and different shapes all mixed up in the organizers.  Now, my beads are all organized by color, and I have to tell you, I'm liking this so much!  Now I just have to add those new beads I just ordered, and the beads I'd ordered earlier but hadn't gotten around to putting away!  

Oh, and speaking of new beads...I've just entered a contest/giveaway that would give me yet more beads and stuff!  (Hubs is going to be so thrilled to learn about this.  Heh.)  It's called the Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway, and it's a great concept!  Heather Powers, of Humblebeads, has gotten together a bunch of her spare beads and such, boxed it up and is forwarding the box to the winner.  The winner then decides to take what they like, and replace it with anything they'd like to put in the box, and hosts another giveaway on their blog and sends the box on to their winner!  Isn't that so cool?

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