Friday, March 12, 2010

A night with Girl Scouts

On Wednesday night, I packed up a bunch of my jewelry and most of my supplies and went off to visit a local Girl Scout troop.  My goal, to help them earn their jewelry badge, of course!  

In consultation with one of their leaders, I decided that I would help the girls with three of the requirements they'd need to earn their badge.  After figuring out how'd I do everything, and how long I would have, I went through my bead stash and tools and completed projects to prepare everything.  I also made up some great texturized copper clasps so that the girls could make bracelets out of the beads I was bringing with me.  After all the planning was done, and everything was packed up, I was ready to go....

For the Jeweler's skills portion of the badge, I'd brought along a bunch of my tools, beads, wire and metal and gave a demonstration of how I create something using the tools.  I hammered sheet, twisted wire, described how to etch and oxidize.  I showed my hammers, passed my pliers, demonstrated stamping and texturizing.  I also played a little game with the girls, where I passed around a heart I had made, and asked them to figure out what it was made out of.  My answers ranged from wood to plastic, and all of the girls were a little bit surprised to find that the heart was made from polymer clay!  
An example of what I showed the girls
Copper Pendant made from texturized and hammered wire  

The second portion of the demonstration was spent looking at and handling the different types of turquoise I had, and discussing where turquoise came from, what it was, and the different varieties that can be used.  I think the girls were a bit surprised by all of the beautiful variations turquoise can have, and enjoyed learning about turquoise...because, after all, who doesn't love turquoise!!
An example of the turquoise I'd brought with me.
This pendant can be custom-made, it has been sold!

After all of that, came the fun part!  I pulled out the clasps I'd made, which were already strung with beading wire, and told the girls to have fun using the beads I'd brought to make bracelets for themselves!  I had a good variety of semi-precious gemstones, glass beads, copper and silver-tone beads with me, so they had a great selection to choose from.  All of the creations were very unique and individual, with great color sense and very interesting patterns developed.  

I do believe that the night was a success, and I think that the girls all had a lot of fun creating their bracelets.  I also hope that they'll remember some of what I taught them!  I love encouraging creativity in young, maleable minds!

All that said, I do wish I'd remembered to bring my camera with me...I have no pictures of the night itself!

(And if anyone locally would like me to help your Girl Scout troop with a jewelry badge, please contact me!  I'd love to do this again...) 


Gypsy said...

AWW that brings back great memories!

A Beaded Affair said...

What a wonderful night and such a shame you don't have pictures. Would have loved to see what the girls came up with. Working with kids is so much fun and incredibly rewarding. Like that little pendent in your blog too. Glad it was fun for you and them.
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