Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspirations and the sacred everyday

In an earlier post, I lamented over my recent lack of inspiration and motivation.  My life lately has been a bit chaotic, and I'm having a hard time transferring that chaos and unsettled-ness into something creative.  As such, I tend to just run with the punches and not notice the little things that mean so much.  Those little things are the refreshers around us, that which makes us stop and take a new look at things.  I'm missing so much, and would like to start seeing again.  Inspiration, I'm sure, will spark as a result. 

I've recently started re-reading a favorite book, and in one chapter, the author talks about finding the sacred in the everyday.  This is something that I need to do.  Finding the sacred in small, everyday objects and moments can be such a joy, and who doesn't need more joy in their life, especially when you are going through something that is life-altering?  

This weekend, I dedicated a few moments to finding the small miracles that are present everyday, those things in which I can find solace, sacredness and hopefully inspiration. These objects were all found in my own backyard.  What a reminder to look close to home for the sacred and inspired, don't you think? 

A hat hanging on a chair

Little bare feet, dirty from playing in the garden

Raindrops falling from my lilacs

The stare of a gargoyle

Raindrops on roses

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