Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Spring! It's Finally Spring! And a sale to go with it....

And here's my special announcement, which I'm just positive that everyone was looking forward to!  (Please don't burst my bubble if you weren't :) LOL)  Please do check out everything that I have for sale.  The exceptions to this sale are - no custom orders.  That's it!  Yep, everything else is on sale.  The way this will work:

1.)  Go to my ETSY shop - please note that prices do not reflect the sale price.  Everything, however, is 10% off.  (Or 15% off if you are a verifiable Facebook Fan on my Fan page!)
2.)  Place your order
2.)  Do *NOT* send payment!!  (Very important...)
3.)  I will send you a revised invoice from Paypal within 24 hours.  At that point, please forward payment appropriately.
4.)  Once payment has been received, I will mail your purchase to you via USPS, First Class. 

I have removed any item that is customizable, and so everything that is available in my ETSY shop is on sale!  I will be listing a few new items every couple of days as well, so keep checking back!

When will this sale end, you ask?  It is scheduled to run until Thursday, April 7th!  So please get your shopping in now....

....and remember:

Mother's Day is May 10th
Graduations are coming up there are gifts that are waiting to be gifted!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

i totally forgot about mothers day! eeks!


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