Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loving the purples!

I've been working on a few custom orders lately, and as of the other day, finished them!  I'm very happy, because one of the orders I've had for a while, but was unable to find exactly the stones I was looking for.  Finally, however, I found something close, and so finished up the order.  Here's what I did, and Dani, I hope you like them!

 It's a bracelet and earring set, to match a previously purchased pendant.  The purple stone is sugilite, and what I was trying to find to match the pendant.  There is also black onyx, creamy white freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals, all individually wrapped and attached.  The clasp and earwires are sterling silver, and have been hand-forged by me.  The chain is silver plated, and the wire is silver Artistic Wire.  
 Here is a closeup of the sterling silver clasp and sugilite focal.
  The bracelet is both chain and black satin cording.  The charms are attached to the chain, and the chain is then wrapped and attached to the black cord.  I think it's a pretty unique combination, and I like it! 
 The earrings are simple, sterling silver hand-forged earwires with silver plated chain and purple sugilite with onxy rondelles.

The other order I finished I'd mentioned earlier.  Here it is in it's finished glory!
    Again, it's a sterling silver and freshwater pearl pendant.

What else have I been doing lately, you might ask.  I've just recently taken new pictures of all of my work, so that's taken quite a bit of time.  I'm slowly editing the pictures for size, and try to upload them to my Etsy shop as I can. As you can probably imagine, it is a bit of work, so I'll be busy for a while!  Here are two of my necklaces, with the new pictures.  Let me know what you think!   

I've also recently came across a show that I might apply for.  It's a local mum festival, and it's a juried show!  I've never applied for a juried show, so will be looking for advice and doing research on how to do such a thing.  I hope that I'll be admitted, because not many people in town know me, or my jewelry.  It could open some new avenues and provide some great local publicity.  So we'll see!

I am also considering hosting an "Open House" next fall, with a trunk show for my jewelry.  I'd like to have a few other vendors, so that I have a nice variety of other shopping options available, and will be talking to some people I know, seeing if they'd be interested.  This would be in my own house, so I know that alot of advanced planning and preparation are needed, so I'd like to start working on it now.  I'm thinking mid-October or early November for this, to kick off the holiday season.  If you're interested (in either attending or vending), please let me know! 



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