Thursday, May 13, 2010

On my workbench...

It's been a while,  I know, I know.  Life just got in the way, as it does every once in a while.  I apologize, and hope it won't happen again...yet know it will ;)   I have been somewhat busy in my absence, though!  And here's what I have on my workbench right now...

One of the mothers at the nursery school that my daughter goes to had ordered a custom birds nest pendant a while back.  She'd wanted something as a "Mothers Pendant", and we'd decided this was simple, classic, and significant.  What she didn't want was something that had birthstone colors, as she didn't feel the color combination was eye appealing.  So we used simple white or cream freshwater pearls, three of them, to signify her family.  After it was completed, and she received it, she kept telling me that every time she wore it she received compliments.  She recently asked me to make another one as a gift for a co-worker!  So here it is, not quite finished.  And yes, this co-worker has 4 children.  The pendant is sterling silver and freshwater pearls.  It's hung on an 18 inch sterling silver cable chain with a lobster claw clasp.  I can make these on demand, so please let me know if you're interested!  
PS:  This is not the best picture, so please excuse that - it's truly a "workbench" picture, and not a product photo!  ;) 

I've also just received some new books!  One can never have too many books, and when a recent sale occurred at Interweave, I decided to check it out!  I'm a fan of Susan Lenart Kazmer, and have wanted her book Making Connections since it came out.  When I realized the book was available, and at an awesome price, I quickly loaded that puppy into my shopping cart!  Along with about ten other books....yep, I have a problem!  But luckily, sanity stayed my hand, and I whittled my cart down to three books in all.  They arrived earlier this week, and I've been happily perusing them all!  And now I'm anxiously awaiting the opportunity to put some of these cool techniques and ideas to the test!  Oh, of course, that means I have to buy some new materials first....Rio Grande, Thunderbird and Turquoise Magpie, here I come!!!

Heh, just noticed that Thunderbird has copper on sale too....yum!!  Good thing tomorrow is payday :)

Oh, and almost forgot!  I was the lucky winner in a giveaway the other day!  I won a beautiful pair of earrings from Science and Poetry, thanks to a giveaway hosted by Corra Liew of deCor's Handmades!  I do really recommend that you check out both of these wonderful ladies as their work is exquisite.  


Aren't these earrings beautiful?  I can't wait to get them!

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