Friday, June 18, 2010

And the nerves have set in...

So, it's official.  It's taken a little while to digest, but I have officially sent off my package of applicant materials to a local juried craft show!  There is a fall Chrysanthemum Festival in my home town, and this will be the first time there will be a craft fair attached.  The festival usually has good attendance, there's a parade and other activities, so hopefully it'll be successful.  The fair is in late September, and now I have all sorts of stuff to do before then!  Good heavens, the nerves have truly set in!  I've done a few smaller craft shows, as well as a home party or two, but I've certainly never done anything big like this...  

As I panic quietly, I will leave you with some pictures of what's on my workbench right now!

working on a custom necklace

 a closeup of some of the gorgeous stones used
(moonstone, amethyst, apatite)

playing with some new wire techniques
(and loving it!) 

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peggy aplSEEDS said...

this new wire technique looks so interesting!


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