Monday, July 26, 2010

A vacation trip to the Brimfield Fair...

....and way more stuff!

So it's been a busy few weeks here.  We've been on vacation for the past two weeks, and as any vacationing mother knows, vacations are all about the kids.  So, what did we do, you might ask?  We headed up to the lake, of course!  From there, however, our trip included stops to:

The kids loved it.
Erin's favorite things were the Sea Rescue drill
(actually, the noodle dummy)
and the horse and carriage.
Nate, well, his favorite thing is just plain running.  He ran all over the seaport.

We're members, and the kids love it there.
One of those times was for the Fire and Ice event, which is where the second photo is from.
F&I is an event where they bring antique fire trucks to the museum, have a fire cadet contest, a chili cook off between local restaurants, and they make ice cream as they would've during the 1830s.  It was very cool to see, for this daughter of a firefighter!  I'm actually very happy that we were able to con some poor couple into taking a picture of us as a family.  It's probably the second one we've taken since Nate was born!

We also went on a local canoe trail, went fishing, and went for walks.  

However, that being said, we also made time to do something that Eric & I both love, and honestly, planned our vacation around.  The Brimfield Fair.  It's the largest outdoor antiques show in New England.  It's huge, takes over the center of town for about 5 days, three times a year.  Eric & I both love browsing, and always come home with a list of "some day stuff".  You know, stuff that some day you will be able to finally buy because you love it, not necessarily because you need it.  Everyone should have a list of "some day stuff"!  Here are some of the cool stalls/vendors that I liked.     
(please note that I don't remember who each picture is of!  Sorry...)

While there, of course I did some shopping for supplies.  There are a number of wonderful vendors that I like to check out while I'm there, but I never remember who they are until I'm walking around, actually seeing the booths!  I was lucky enough to fall into some beautiful beads, both gemstone and glass.  I also picked up a great tool I've been wanting for a while, a B&S wire gauge.  So happy to have found this!  And what a great price too :)  It was at one of the booths my husband usually likes to browse at, a tool booth, but I'll be checking them out next time around too!  I also picked up a new metal hole punch, this one is square.  Here's my loot:
The green and tan beads look like polymer clay, but they're actually glass, lampworked, I think, but not 100%!  The purple oval nuggets are amethyst, the greyish nuggets are labradorite.  I'm not exactly sure what the green beads are, but they are indeed luscious in person!

In addition to the loot from Brimfield, I also stopped at one of the local bead stores and (of course) added more to my stash.  
The Czech Glass called to me this time around!  I haven't used much of it up until now, but heavens, it's just gorgeous.  I think I snagged 4 strands of it.  I also picked up some more copper beadcaps and spacers, and found some gorgeous labradorite faceted rectangles and rose quartz  faceted ovals too.  

I also used some of the vacation to work on new stuff, so here's a quick peek of that too.
 Amethyst brios hung on handmade gold-filled chain
and vermeil earwires.
These are for a custom order for a friend. 

Magenta Chalcedony wrapped in gold-filled wire, 
hung on vermeil earwires.
For the same friend, another custom piece.  
She's waiting on a necklace too, but I haven't finished it!

Amethyst nuggets and chips, peacock freshwater pearls, sterling silver and Bali sterling clasp and beads.
Well, this has been a long post!  I hope you made it to the end :)  How do you spend your summer vacations?

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Pretty Things said...

I'd hyperventilate if I went there! It's a good thing my middle stepson no longer goes to Yale so we aren't headed to CT anytime soon or I'd buy the place out!


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