Friday, August 6, 2010

A little help, perhaps?

So I'm trying to identify a stone or two and would love it if anyone could help me!

It's the green stone below.
It's a light green that is cool to the touch, has purple and light cream (barely seen) striations.
It's beautiful in person, photos don't do it justice!  My thoughts are that it is some sort of a jasper, it looks and feels similar to the peace stone jaspers that I have.  My other thought was an agate of some type, but I'm really not sure!  I could keep it as a "mystery stone", but I like it so much I want more, and without knowing a name, well, who knows when I'll find it again!

Thanks guys, in advance!


Mich said...

I think it looks like "Peace Jade", which isn't a jade, or a jasper, but actually comprised of 3 different minerals...serpentine, strictine, and quartz..maybe heavy on the quartz and why it's more translucent.
Michele from Pixe's Treasure Chest on Etsy

Holly said...

Michele - thanks so much! I'm now running to see what I can find on "Peace Jade" :)

Megilon said...

I was thinking it might be a jade too. Especially with the cool to the touch. I have some light jade that is about that shade.


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