Thursday, August 19, 2010

Passions and Inspirations

As some of you know, I'm sure, horses have always been an integral part of my life.  I started riding when I was  six years old, and have ridden since then. Not with any consistency - there were times (such as now) where I'd go years without riding, or even being around a horse!  As a creative child, horses were always featured in my sketches, drawings and other artwork.  I scrimped and saved to buy model horses, who had dreams lived out with them.  I attended a local university's College of Agriculture in part because of the opportunities I'd have to work with the herd of horses the school maintained.   Once I graduated and got a "real job" I helped a friend ride and train her herd of Haflingers - she'd even bought a Morgan as incentive to keep me coming!  (Morgans are my breed of choice.)  Since my children became the center of my world, I've not been able to actively be involved with horses.  I do, however, continue to stay connected to the horse world through my UConn friends (::waving to Kelsey, Sharon, Robin...::), Facebook, blog-hopping, websurfing and multiple email lists.  You've also probably seen my Etsy listings for ForeverMorgans, a Morgan horse rescue forum/group.  This is how I get my horse fix right now. 

One of my other favorite things to do is browse Etsy for anything that's "horse".  It's a great source of inspiration - the lovely colors, moods and feelings that they evoke help me when I'm in a creative slump.  I've decided that I'd share some of the wonderful listings that I found:


Aren't these just lovely?  I could sit here and just look at them...

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