Sunday, August 1, 2010

Really? A Saturday Post?

Wow!  I'm actually posting something on a Saturday!  It must be the first time...heh.

Regardless, I'm sitting here at my desk cleaning up some copper I oxidized earlier, bloghopping, Etsying (is that a verb?  Should be!  LOL) and FBing, and decide that I should do an "At my workbench" typa thing today.

So here you go...what's on my desk/workbench!

 Links, charms, earwires....all nice and dark!

And for an upclose shot of somethings I've just started playing with...

I'd etched some copper a while back, and hadn't really had the chance to do anything with it.  So recently I pulled out my disc cutter and dapping block and went at it making some bead caps!  First time I've done that, so I'm pretty happy with it! 

Here is my first attempt at balling some head pins.  Not bad, they're a bit pitted, but still pretty cool and hey, they fit in with my style! 

And this is my first attempt at trying to ball some sterling silver.  These have not yet been pickled, so you can see the firescale on them still.  Again, not that bad.  I do need practice, but I really enjoyed the torch, and it's a'calling me! 

What's on your workbench this loverly Saturday?  Or if not your workbench, what are you doing this night?

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