Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chrysanthemum Festival

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to those of you who visited me at the Bristol Chrystanthemum Festival this past weekend.  And welcome to my new customers!  I hope you all had as great of a day as I did.  The weather was perfect, the entertainment wonderful, and the company spectacular.  I also have to extend a big "Thank you!" to my sister, Liz, who helped me at the booth, and another to my wonderful husband who helped provide tent set up and tables!  I couldn't have done it without you guys :)

Overall, the show was pretty successful.  Sales were pretty decent, and I did manage to give away just about all of my business cards!  (I think I've got 4 left - good thing I ordered more!)  People were very happy to find out I was a local girl, and I gave away a goodly amount of the "Look for me at these local shows" postcards I'd designed and printed.  I also let it be known that I would certainly do in-home trunk shows, and found out that the New England Carousel Museum, a local museum here in Bristol that features antique horses and all of the accompanying bits, will be having a craft fair in mid-November that I'll be looking into.  What's cool about that is I used to be a tour guide for the NECM, and will definitely support the museum any chance I get!

So anyway, onto the pictures I took of my booth...'cuz I know that's the first thing *I* look for on a craft fair report!  ;)

My booth, from afar.
My colors are sage, brown and cream, as you can see.
I do have a banner on order, but it hasn't arrived yet.
(Hopefully today!)

Closeups of the right "wing".

A closer close up of the table.
The necklace and bracelet displays are commercial displays that I altered with paint, paper and antique glaze.  I was quite happy with how they came out!
The earring displays were frames that I painted and antiqued.  The center is corkboard, and the cards are held in with pins.

Here's a better shot of my earring displays.
These are some of my copper earrings.

The wood display and the peg rack were made by my husband.
The peg racks are available for sale (contact me via email), and I'm sure he'd take custom orders for the wood display rack!  The display rack is holding some of my bracelets here, but I also put earrings on them too.  This one is made out of cherry, and is lightly oiled, but that's it.  The peg racks are white oak, I believe, and come unfinished.

And a closeup of some of my necklace displays.

And what did I sell?  Mostly bracelets!  They were definitely my biggest sellers.  I also sold a few of my glass tile pendants, a few pair of earrings, and couple of my other pendants.  Since I have atleast two more shows coming up within the next few months, I'll be busy creating again!  But first I must buy more supplies....YAY!    I love shopping for supplies, don't you?  Now, though, I have a question for those of you who are "Makers".  When one item sells well at a show, do you assume that item is going to do well again at another show?  Or conversely, if what you think is going to sell doesn't, do you then expect that to happen at the next show?  Or are you more of the idea that each show is an individual, with different buyers having different tastes, and attending different shows?
My Birdsnest pendants were huge sellers!


Mary Newton Designs said...

Love the necklace displays! I love to cover things with text/paper. Makes your display original!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I am loving what you have done with your necklace displays, very crafty!
I never thought to do something like that and I have always hated the way they come, black or white, blah!
Great display, thanks so much for sharing. I am doing my first home party in 2 weeks and I am so freakin' nervous!!!


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