Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There's a new blog out there!!

And I think you're going to love it!  I know I do, and it's only just started :)  It's called "Love My Art Jewelry" and is a companion to the website, aptly named the same.  Both the blog and website feature the art jewelry of Shannon LeVart, Barbara Lewis, Kelli Pope, Mary Jane Dodd and a number of others!  I love all of these artists, and aspire to one day reach their levels of artisan-ship (is that even a word?  Hah!)  So please do check out both the blog and the website - you'll be charmed, no doubt about that!  :)

This is a bracelet I made using an etched (by me) copper focal,
wire-wrapped links and some of Barbara Lewis's enameled beads.

1 comment:

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Thanks for the heads up, I am off to check out the blog now. I love your bracelet btw. I just started etching and I am having SO much fun!


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