Friday, October 1, 2010

Inspired By: Western imagery, song, and life

So this will be the first, hopefully, of a regular column here on my blog.  What I'm hoping to do with this is to chose one or two things that really inspire me to create.  I will post those inspirations with the expectation that I will, at some point over the weekend, create a piece of jewelry based on that inspiration.  So, without any further ado....

Today, I am pulling my inspiration from a song and a blog, both of which I love to pieces.

The song is "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks.  (Ignore the controversy surrounding the Dixie Chicks, please - I don't do political here.)  The imagery in the song calls to me on a visceral level.  Bluebonnets, a horizon that goes on for miles, the sky reaching forever.  The brown earth crumbling as you reach into it, wild things growing in abundance...  Isn't it loverly?

Shery's blog inspires me every time I visit.  She really brings to life what it is to live connected - with everything.  Shery and her beloved (isn't that just loverly in and of itself?  That she calls him her "beloved"?) are ranchers in Wyoming.  They raise beef cattle.  But more than that, they live a life that those of us here in the East can only dream of.  Horses, cattle, space galore, surroundings that speak on a spiritual level.  Shery is extremely talented, and a multi-tasker of the highest sort.  She has her horses (Morgans), which are ultra-important.  She raises chickens.  She creates her own beautiful jewelry (and was one of the inspirations behind my starting).  Her photographs are just divine.  Shery is a Junktique-expert.  She's a writer with soul and moxie.  She blogs for MaryJanes Farm.  Please do check out her blog, prepared for beautiful and touching stories of her life in Wyoming, and tell her that I sent you!

Shery built this montage using photographs she herself took in Wyoming.  Inspirational, yes?  I can see in my minds eye what I'll be creating, using this as inspiration! 

Click the image to get to Shery's blog.

(Would you like to participate?  Please do so and leave me a comment!)

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RockMeGently said...

Kudos to Shery, what a nice glimpse into the ranching life! Interesting feature, will watch for your inspired artwork!


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