Saturday, October 30, 2010


Once upon a time, The Gritty Bird had a weekly post going on called Creative Spark Friday.  She'd post a really beautiful picture and use that as inspiration for something she'd create.  She then did a wonderful reveal.  She had a wonderful list of bloggers who would also create something based on that Creative Spark Friday.  One day, however, due to health and other reasons, The Gritty Bird had to give up that Creative Spark Friday.  Everyone was sad.

But on another wonderful day, Patty, from My Life Under the Bus, decided that she'd do an Inspiration post similar to that of The Gritty Bird's...Everyone was happy once again!  And so, here is this past week's Inspiration Photograph: 

Patty decided to look for something that was Halloween in spirit, but not necessarily in color.  Wasn't this a wonderful choice?  Although I will admit to a little bit of panic at the color palette that was found in this!

I pulled out my trusty bead containers, rifled through them and chose a combination of beads and components I thought would work.  And then, after looking at the bead combinations, I was so drawn to the blues and grays.  I couldn't figure out what to do with them.  My eyes kept going back to pinks and browns.  And copper, of course.  And that worked. 

I added in some of my hand-made bead caps, a spectacular polymer clay heart pendant from Floridity, a hand-forged clasp and some of my wire-wrapped beads.  The stones I used are Pink Peruvian Opal and Bronzite.  I added a tiny bit of copper chain too.

So I'd just like to thank Patty for reviving this wonderful thing!  It was alot of fun, and I'll be participating again next week!  And, well, uhmmm, I did participate last week...but didn't have the opportunity to photograph what I'd done...still haven't!  I'll do it one day and post it ;)


My Life Under the Bus said...

I LOVE Floridity beads!!! Those twisted wire links are awesome - greta job! Ha I barely got my own up - Kudos : )

Raida said...

What a beautiful necklace! I love the large bead caps and all those great large wraps, great job.


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