Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

But that's good, isn't it?  I've got quite alot on my plate for this week and the next few!  Here's a brief overview of what's going on, and where I'll be and why I might not be so good with blogging!  (Ha.)

First, Tuesday night was Shopping on the Ave!  Yay!  I love this fair, it's been such fun in the past, and it was again this year.  It's held by the preschool that my daughter went to (as did I, and the rest of my siblings!), and that Nate will be going to next year.  I can tell you that I worked myself to the bone for this show...and it seems to have paid off ;)  I received many wonderful compliments on my stuff, including the uniqueness of my whole setup.  My table was well-received, with one of Erin's teachers commenting at one point that she had to wait to get to see me because she couldn't wade through the crowds in front of me! 


Yesterday, a girlfriend and I took a trip up to Equine Affaire, in Springfield, MA.  This is the one thing I allow myself every year to do that is still "horse"!  One day I will have a horse of my own, but for now, I'll satisfy myself with this and the vicarious, occasional trip to various horse owning friends ;)  Tracy and I had a blast of fun, chatted like we hadn't in quite a while, and in general ran wild through the barns, vendors and shopped 'til we dropped. 

And then, on Saturday, I am doing a home show with my sister and a friend of hers.  It's a kind of open house event, a "Spoil Yourself Before the Holidays" thing!  Want a fresh new face for the holidays?  Liz is a Mary Kay representative and will be doing make-overs!  Want to try out some new recipes and renew your acquaintance with old favorites?  Heather will have her Tastefully Simple stuff out for snacks!  Want some cool new bling to rock that party with?  What could be better than some new, hand-crafted jewelry!

So, all in all, I can't wait until Sunday, when I have a day OFF!  Do you ever have any crazy weeks like this?  Do you thrive or falter on them?  


For My Sweet Daughter said...

I like both kinds of weekends busy and slow. I need a good mix of both or I start to get a bit out of sorts.
Too many busy ones and I beg for home and too many spent at home and I want to crawl out of my skin.
I am glad you did well at your show and I wish you well at your home party.
I have a question for you, do you offer a hostess incentive? I have been asked to do home parties and they want to know what I will be giving away.

My Life Under the Bus said...

I am so excited for you - it's great to have all that positive reinforcement!!! You rock!!! For me the crazy depends on what kind of crazy - controlled busy crazy I like. Crazy as in everyone forgot there lunch/project/shoes/ and somebodys throwing up at school crazy - not so much.


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