Thursday, November 4, 2010

ForeverMorgans needs our help!

If you're a regular reader of my blog, or a visitor to my Etsy shop at all, you probably know that I like to give support when I can to the Morgan Horse rescue group ForeverMorgans.  My Etsy shop currently has about 3 items listed with 100% of the purchase price going towards ForeverMorgans.  This is my way of helping out a great rescue - since I can't donate directly, I always try to have a few pieces that go straight to whatever FM is working on, or to their Ribbons Fund.  It's my way of giving back.

Well, they need our help once again!  A beautiful bay mare has been listed on the broker pages on the AC4H website, and while a potential adopter has been found, ForeverMorgans is looking to help get that mare to her new home in Florida.  The mare is Glorious Affaire, and she's found on the second page of Broker-Owned horses.  She's gorgeous, with bloodlines that are show-horse all the way.  And that video of her shows a horse ready to please!  So please help me try to raise transportation funds for the mare by checking out my FM donations!  I currently have 3 pieces up that go towards my FM donations:

Made to order!



Both ForeverMorgans and I thank you!

1 comment:

My Life Under the Bus said...

What a good cause - they are beautiful horses!!!


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