Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jumpin' on the bus once again!

So the lovely Patty has done it again, with her awesome Jump on the Bus challenge!  The object of this challenge is to use the colors from an inspiration piece of Patty's choosing and go to town with it.  Well, this time around, I certainly did!
 Patty's inspiration piece was this lovely toile pattern.  And in blue and reds?  Simply delish!  I love blue and red - they're actually the colors in my bedroom!  So this should be easy, right?  Yeah, not so much.  When I pulled out my bead stash I realized I didn't actually have all that much in red.  I tend to work in blues, greens and more neutrals.  Well, after staring at the palette and the beads I'd pulled out, I decided that I'd just do a pair of earrings, as my Muse couldn't work up a bracelet nor necklace.            
So, using the above palette, without further ado, here is the answer to my toile dilemma!

 The red beads are coral, as you might have suspected.  The light blue is some lovely faceted Czech glass.  

 The copper connectors are copper washers that I hammered for texture, dapped and then oxidized.

The earring wires were fashioned by me out of 20 gauge copper wire that had been balled and torch-colored.  They were also hammered for texture and strength.

I also balled the copper head pins, left with the lovely red torch-patina.  The simple bead caps on the red and blue were from my overflowing copper stash.

I hope you have fun riding the bus with Patty driving!  I know I did!  Check out her blog for the other passengers :) 


My Life Under the Bus said...

You are making me laugh : ) They are beautiful Holly - love your head pins!!! Their color is yummy. Thanks for participating XO

TesoriTrovati said...

There is something so lovely about that color combination. I love it with copper.
Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day.

Annette said...

These earrings are sooo pretty!! Love that shade of blue!

~Debi said...

Beautiful. I love working with copper. Love the head pins. Thanks for sharing. :)


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