Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In Other Words, Lots of Stuff!

I know I've been a bit slow with the blog posts these past few weeks.  No excuse other than life gets in the way.  Ah well, such is the way of things, eh?  I did want to just let you know of a few things that are going on in the blogsphere, some of which I'll be participating in, others maybe not so much, and still more that I'm contemplating!

First off, I just want to show you this cool Tumblr blog I stumbled across somewhere...don't ask me where, can't remember ;)

Ackkkk....aren't some of those spaces luscious?  I'm quite jealous...  My current workspace is divided into two spots.  The first is my computer desk, which is where I do my jewelry assembly, my blogging, FBing, Etsying, and general computer work.  I also use the office and desk for some of the painting and mixed media stuff I'm getting into.  My other area is downstairs in my husband's workshop (he does wonderful woodworking when he gets the chance).  That is where I do my metal work, firework and soldering.  (Doesn't that sound like I know what I'm doing?  Firework and soldering, I mean...really, I'm just starting to figure that bit of things out!  ha.)  I would so love to have one cohesive, easily accessible place to do everything I want - one room, a huge beautiful studio to work in.  One day, perhaps.

 An example of what I do in my basement spot...
My first attempt at torch-firing some enamel headpins!  
Not bad, but still need some work...some of the reds came out a bit muddy. 

Another cool thing that I'm going to point you to is a cool Challenge being run by the awesome Erin of Tresori Trovati.  She's running a cool challenge - "Inspired by:  The Challenge of Color" - where the inspiration is paint chips.  Yep, that's right, paint chips.  Used to determine what colors you'd like to paint a room/house/whathaveyou.  Very cool, no?  All you have to do is send Erin an email with the color family you'd like to work with, and she send you via postal service a paint chip.  You are then to create something using that color.  The big BlogHop and reveal will be on December 3rd.  I can't wait for this!  My only concern is the color family I decided to ask for.  Orange.  What?  Why did I do that?  I'm a blues, greens and neutrals girl!!  LOL  Ah well.   

I am also trying to decide if I should throw my hat in the ring for a unique opportunity.  Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel are calling for contributors to a book they are starting to write.  Dare I even contemplate doing such a thing?  Is my style consistent with what they are looking for?  Do I work enough with these alternative materials which they are focusing on in this book?  These are the questions I'm wrestling with...we'll see if I decide to do it or not....  ;) 

I've also been super busy planning for my next show, which is a week from today!  (ACKKK...panic sets in...)  If you are in the general vicinity of New Britain, CT next Wednesday night, please come for a visit!

I will, at this point, leave you with a few of the things I've been working on...since this has turned into a book, rather than a simple blog post!  Ha. 

A bracelet for a Challenge at MyLifeUnderTheBus...
The bracelet was finished on time, but not photographed, so I didn't blog about it until now!

 This is my latest "I'm sooo in love with this!" creation!
The pendant is a big faceted labradorite pillow wrapped with sterling silver.  The cute little dangles are faceted moonstone.  The chain is sterling silver hand-crafted links with black Greek Leather and a hand-forged sterling silver clasp that attached at the side.


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My Life Under the Bus said...

Amen ! Some days I don't know if I'm coming or going!!! Then I turn around and the boys are back from school - eek!!! I am off to check out that blog - Happy Wednesday!


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