Saturday, November 20, 2010

Phew, I made it on the Bus!

Since I didn't make it onto the Bus on time last time, I wanted to make sure I was able to grab a ride today.  And, phew, after a mid-night session last night, I was able to hail Patty this time around!  I am so happy that I was able to participate, since this was a great inspiration piece using wonderful colors.

This week, Patty called upon a fellow Etsian and blogger for inspiration.  Lesley Sico has a great Etsy shop concentrating on photography, and a wonderful blog full of cool photographs and much other awesomeness.  Do check her out!  And thanks to Patty, for introducing her to me!   And so here's the inspiration piece - isn't it gorgeous? 

Yep, it's the luscious Moulin Rouge, taken by Lesley herself.  I was immediately drawn to the greys, purples and reds, which are so far out of my usual palette that I was a bit surprised!  But hey, with this beautiful inspiration, who wouldn't be drawn to them?  I mean, this palette is subtle drama at it's best. 

So, that being said, above are the colors that came out of the inspiration piece.  I quickly pulled out my bead boxes and had a smattering of beads rolling here and there all over the place.  I still can't find one or two of my creamy pearls...I think that the cat is running around chasing them, since the running patter of cat feet and small things being batted are in the background right now!  Anyway, here's my bracelet, based on the palette above.

 That intense labradorite cushion, wrapped in sterling silver, was the first piece I pulled out.  When I first saw Patty and Lesley's choice, I knew I had to work this labradorite into it somehow! 

 There are amethyst rounds, tiny garnet rounds, two faceted rose quartz ovals, and freshwater pearls in a creamy off-white, peacock and a dark, muted green. 
 The clasp was hand-forged from sterling silver, and there is a bunch of sterling silver spacers in there too!
I will, I think, eventually put more dangles on, but I'm not really sure...I had planned to, but then ran out of sterling head pins!  So who knows, maybe it'll stay like this, or maybe it's going to have more bangles ;)

Anyway, I'd like to thank Patty again, for driving the bus, and I can't wait to see what our next inspiration is!  And please do go back to her blog, and check out who else is riding along with me - it's bound to be a beautiful drive!  ;)

Oh, and as an aside, and completely not related to the Bus, I will be participating in the EtsyMom Street Team's Black Friday Sale.  More details to come, but do look for free shipping!


My Life Under the Bus said...

Goregous!!! It's so funny so far 3 of us made bracelets. I used garnets too - I think it's their rich color just speaks of all the decadence at the Moulin Rouge. Great Job Holly - Thanks for joining in : )

Annette said...

It's beautiful Holly!!! I love the focal and the different colors you used. I was taking my photos at midnight and had to get up and write the blog post this morning!!!

~Debi said...

Lovely Holly! I really like labradorite. It's dark yet can have the most beautiful colors in it. Pairing it up with garnet and amethyst was perfect. I'm glad you took a ride on the bus! Thanks for sharing :)

Kristen said...

That is so pretty! I love the colors you choose they are so light and airy!

lesley said...


your bracelet is stunning! i absolutely love the focal and the silver wrapping... i think you captured the essence of my photo perfectly. thanks so much for participating :)



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