Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where we create

I'm following Lori, today, over at StudioWaterstone...

 Here's a peek at my messy desk!  This is where the assembly takes place, or if I'm splashing around in my paints, mediums and papers, that happens here too.  I also do all of my computer work from here too.  Yes, it's a very small area.  What you don't see are the many portable tray tables that are set up around the area to hold everything I'm using! 

This is my little work station down in my husband's workshop.  I think that I've mentioned before, my husband has quite the workshop for all of the woodworking he does.  His tools easily overwhelm mine, both in size and cost!  What you can see here, in my area, are my dapping block, anvil, steel bench block, my soldering area, two types of gas and two torch heads.  The bracelet mandrel is there, as is my etching solution, a few of the hammers I use, and other things.

My anvil - I can't wait until this gets settled permanently in it's place!  My husband bought it for me from a friend who was having a tag sale.  He's a good boy, isn't he?

And here are a few of the projects I've been working on lately. 

A new jewelry display piece!  Yep, it's an old printer's drawer that we found at a junque show ;)  My plan is to finish putting the hooks into it and then paint it off white.  I can't wait to finish it!
I do so like power tools....

Yep, I've recently become bitten by the Tree of Life bug!  Here are two of my own renditions.  The top, of course, is sterling silver.  The bottom is copper.  Both are using the same stone...and I'm really not sure what exactly it is!  If you have a clue, please give me one!  LOL!  Thanks ;) 

 And here's my constant companion.  Meadow, my faithful girl.

Please join me at Lori's blog, and see where everyone else gets creative! 


My Life Under the Bus said...

LOL!!! I love to use my husbands tools .....and he loves to hide them from me! I always want to do this post but if I post she doesn't so it's not menat to be. My poor crafty room is a three season porch and right about now is when it becomes unusable because there is no heat : (. I have to haul everything out then haul it all back in - pooh!

Could those stones be agate???

Lori said...

Hey thanks for joining up! I love the little magnet thingie to hold your tools - super cool idea. AND the old drawer is GREAT. Old things just rock.

stregata said...

Lovely Tree of Life - looks like the stone could be agate or carnelian (which is a variety of agate). I have a vise/anvil very similar to yours - which was also found for me by my husband.

Kristen said...

Love Love LOVE the tree of life piece!!!!!! Sorry it's been too long since I have visited!



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