Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Memories

Borrowing a line from one of my favorite blogs, "We're about midway to Christmas now, and I've got a lot on my plate."  Doesn't matter though, I do so enjoy this season, craziness and all.  It always makes me nostalgic and wistful, in a way.  There was nothing in the world that was better than being a child in my family during Christmas!  And no, it wasn't always about presents and gifts.  It was more about being together, celebrating life and love and the joy and promise of the season.  

One of my favorite memories surrounding Christmas was going with the family to pick out a Christmas Tree. It was a Big Event, and I couldn't wait for that one day of the year. My father always insisted that we get a "real" tree because of the scent that wafted throughout the house, and to this day the smell of evergreens always reminds me of Christmas.  I remember traveling to tree farms, and tree yards, in search of just the perfect tree.  I remember the smell of the tree, the beauty of it, even undecorated. 

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I remember hot chocolate and peppermint candy canes. I remember the anticipation surrounding Christmas morning.  I remember wreaths and garlands of fresh greens. I remember helping dad untangle the lights, while mom was going through the boxes of ornaments. I remember the angel reverently being placed upon the top of the tree.  I remember secrets and whispers and laughter.  I remember love.  I remember joy.  I remember peace. 

Mostly, I remember the importance of family, and how special each and every member of the family is, and that sense of joy in being together on this holiday.  What do you remember most about the holiday season? 
 The LittleMan and DramaPrincess, posing next to their handmade Advent Calendars.

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My Life Under the Bus said...

They are sooo cute! I shall forever remember how lucky we are to all be safe and home and surrounded by our loved ones!

Kristen said...

What adorable babes! I remember the smell of vanilla through the house on Christmas eve. It was my moms tradition to light vanilla candles Christmas Eve and I still light one for her every year!


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